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Our students increased the reputation of Corvinus in Florida

2022-05-05 15:20:39

The return of all the invested time and energy in case solving, will be multiplied at the end.

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Kapcsolódó események

The Heavener International Case Competition 2022 took place in Gainesville, Florida, between 20 to 26 March. At the international case competition, four students represented our University.  The students were selected from the course Cases on International Business Strategy. The students were prepared by our associate professor, Zsolt Matyusz. The members of the team, namely Fanni Fakli, Dániel Kostyal, Zsanett Őrsi and Csilla Szalay shared their experience about the competition:

First of all, we would like to emphasize that we are extremely grateful for the trust and the opportunity to represent the University at such a prestigious event. Because of the competiton we could expand our professional knowledge and experience.

Two weeks before the start of the competition, it was revealed that Friendship Force International and Baker Hughes will be the case sponsors, so we could immerse ourselves in the depths of tourism and the oil and gas industry. During the preliminary preparation, besides research and solving cases, we also conducted interviews with experts to understand the dynamics and characteristics of the industries. We would like to thank our interviewees for providing us up-to-date and relevant knowledge that we could use during the competition! Before starting to prepare for the competition, all members of our team completed an intensive case-solving course called Cases on International Business Strategy. During this course  we acquired the necessary skills and competencies for the successful participation. The format of the cases was new to us. During the short, 12-hour case we had to invent a new for-profit business model for a non-profit organization, called Friendship Force International, and present it to the members of the organization. During the long, 28-hour case, we had to solve the energy transformation of the whole oil and gas industry for the next six years. Both cases were exciting challenges for us, and we are proud of our solutions and presentations. 

The feedback from the professional jury was also positive. Our analysis and conclusions were highly appreciated in both cases. They specifically highlighted the strategic direction, and that we identified and developed relevant problems that other teams did not pay attention to. The creativity and visual solutions of our team were also unique among the teams. 

It was an unforgettable experience to compete in Florida. For a long time, it’s been uncertain whether or not the competition will be held, so it was difficult time for all of us. During the competition, the organizers found it important that every participants could have a good time, and experience the “southern hospitality”. Macy, who helped the team through the competition, showed us the best places in Gainsville and she also surprised us with home-made meals. Some of our team members had the chance to see the ocean for the first time in their lives through one of the social programs. In addition, we could observe Florida’s most characteristic animals, the alligators. All the other competitors were very friendly so we felt that we were part of a big international family for a week.

We think that this competition will remain an eternal memory for us. We loved every minute of it, and we would start over if we have the chance again. We encourage everyone who is interested in case solving, consulting career or their own professional development to start this adventure, which we call the Case Track. Along with the other competing teams from the in case solving will be multiplied at the end.

Congratulations to the team for the successful performance! We are proud that our students represented the University internationally, competing against the world’s leading economic universities.

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