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Our students helped the champions of sustainability in Bergen

2023-10-27 10:25:00

Our university was represented by four undergraduate students at the "NHH International Case Competition 2023".

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Our university was represented by four undergraduate students, the team members were: Laura Antal, Bence Buzás, Bence Gál, and Tamás Gáspár.  

The competition was preceded by intensive preparation, guided by Miklós Kozma, the associate professor from the Department of Business Economics. The knowledge acquired during Case Track courses and the work in the weeks leading up to the competition allowed our students to perform successfully alongside students from 11 leading economic universities worldwide. 

“For me, this was my first official international competition where we could represent Corvinus, and I am sure that beyond being a valuable experience, from,which we learned a lot on an individual and team level, it will be a lasting memory,” highlighted Laura Antal. 

During the one-week competition, participants developed solutions for two real business problems. “In both rounds of the competition, we had the opportunity to face exciting challenges. We could measure our knowledge in a very high-level field against students from universities such as USC Marshall, CBS, or the University of South Carolina,” added Laura Antal. 

The first case-submitting company was a local startup called 7Analytics, focusing on sustainability through data analysis. The teams had just 5 hours to develop their expansion proposal for the Asian market, which would ensure long-term customer base growth for the company. “Our team can consider itself lucky because we presented our solution to the CEO of 7Analytics, whose thoughts we perfectly reflected,” highlighted Bence Gál. 

In the second case, the participants worked on a business problem for REMA 1000, a company belonging to the Reitan Retail Group. The essence of the task was to develop a strategy for advancing sustainability goals without compromising financial goals. They had 24 hours to determine the strategic direction that would allow the company to create a sustainable offering by 2030, following the complex ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goal system. 

In international case competitions, our students not only gain valuable professional knowledge and connections but also lasting experiences. “After the final presentations, each team traveled to a private island, where we celebrated the successful competition with a 6-course social dinner, including the winning team!” emphasized Bence Gál. 

During the week in Norway, there was an opportunity to get to know the local culture and environment. “The organizers successfully conveyed the Bergen vibe,” emphasized Bence Gál. 

“Bergen is captivating. We had sunny weather throughout the week while exploring the city, the harbor by the Aurora boat, the Norwegian fjords, the fish market, the narrow streets, the mysteries of culinary and entertainment establishments,” reflected Laura Antal. 

“It was an excellent opportunity for our team to work in the receptive Norwegian environment on aligning the holistic and narrower economic goals of sustainability. The problems we were given as tasks represent global phenomena. Besides showcasing Corvinus know-how, it was a great experience to learn from others, especially from the Americans with technological solutions and the local Norwegian team with the most complex solution,” summarized Miklós Kozma, the advisor of the team.  

“We would like to thank Miklós Kozma and the other advisors of the Case Track, as well as the professional advice and guidance from previous CIBS course participants, which allowed our team to represent our university in Norway!” – the team members said. 

We are very proud of our students, and we heartily congratulate! 


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