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Online economic conference – 150 gift tickets for the fastest

2020-09-30 08:41:35

Budapest Economic Forum 2020

If you are fast, you can participate in the Budapest Economic Forum 2020 conference organized by Portfolio on 8 October. Apply here, and you can listen only directly to the opinions of domestic and foreign market analysts about the situation and prospects of the country and the region. Be among the top 150 lucky ones to get one from the limited number of tickets!

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

What is Budapest Economic Forum?

For the tenth time, we will hold the Portfolio Economic Summit, where economic decision-makers, corporate executives, EU experts, economic politicians, domestic and foreign market analysts will meet and exchange views on the situation and prospects of the world and the country. This year, the conference will focus on the socio-economic impacts of the coronavirus epidemic through professionals including Citibank’s global analyst and Boston Consulting Group’s expert. At the Budapest Economic Forum, everything will be discussed that really concerns the representatives of the economic and financial sphere. This year, in addition to the Bank CEO panel discussion, those interested can also listen to the round table of corporate CFOs.

You can read more details on the conference here!

Our other key topics:

  • How will the world change after the coronavirus?
  • Is a whole new world order coming or just fine-tuning?
  • Who can be the winner and loser of the transformation?
  • Recipe and lessons for successful crisis management.
  • Bank CEO roundtable: coronavirus in the Hungarian credit institution sector.
  • Challenges of the coronavirus and credit management profession in 2020.
  • Corporate finances during the coronavirus: CFO roundtable.
  • Announcement of the Financial Officer of the Year for 2020.

For free online participation, you need to:

Copy the code BEF1009CORV150 in the comment field on the second page of the registration process, to validate your application and thus your participation in the Portfolio Budapest Economic Forum 2020 conference. Click here for registration, enter the code in the comment field and join the event online on 8 October.



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