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One gold and two silver medals at the I. Jianzi University Cup

2023-11-22 12:05:00

Our students successfully participated in the I. Jianzi University Cup, in which Corvinus University actively participated.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

On 11 November, the Hungarian Jianzi Association, in cooperation with the Hungarian University Sports Federation, organised the 1st Jianzi University Cup, where nine higher education institutions were represented. The venue was provided by the Hungarian University of Sport Science, where the traditionalism created by János Fehér is promoted among young people. Corvinus University of Budapest played an active role in the organisation and competition. 

Our student Lilla Farkas gave an account of the Cup: 

“At the opening ceremony of the event, Dr László Újszászi Bogár, former Hungarian national team jianzi player working at the Department of Communication and Media of Corvinus, welcomed the participants and wished them good luck for the competition. Lilla Farkas and Virág Szabó, students of the Sports Economics master study programme at the university, were the members of the jury and managed the smooth arrangement of the competition. 

The joint team of Corvinus University of Budapest and Óbuda University won the silver medal, and Lilla Farkas also reached the final in the individual competition, where the more confident and experienced Benett Baranyai won. The competition concluded with a draw pairs competition, which is more of a community-building and sport promotion programme than a competition solely for results. In the end, the competition was won by the Corvinus University and the Metropolitan University, as the students of these institutions, Lilla Farkas and Brigitta Kovács won the final.” 

Congratulations for the good result and we wish you further success in your jianzi matches! 

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