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One coach, two teams, 36 years age difference

2024-06-07 12:18:00

The play-offs of the NB II middle group brought two home games for the home team. Both teams are coached by Csaba Vladár, head of the Physical Education and Sports Centre.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Two very special matches in the play-offs of the NB II middle group, two “home clashes” in the middle of the table.  

For decades there have been two Közgáz teams in the NB II Central Division, one, A, is a team of current university students, and the other, B, is a team of “obsitos”, former students who love basketball and have continued to play for the club.  

For many years, perhaps even decades, Csaba Vladár has been “chaperoning” both of these teams, together with his colleague and friend László Kováts for a long time. He is currently the coach of both teams. On the occasion of the event, the National Association of Hungarian Basketball Players interviewed him, which can be read in Hungarian here. 

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