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October Farmers’ Market with 12 producers and returning customers

2023-10-30 17:00:00

Once again, there was a Farmers' Market at Corvinus, this time with even more producers and a wider range of products.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

12 producers participated in the October Corvinus Farmers’ Market, an increase from 9 in the spring. Of the spring participants, only two did not come again, and only because they only have spring produce. 

The producers were again positive about the market: “I love the atmosphere you have here”, said one of them. They liked the customers and were pleased with the proceeds, according to the organisers. There was a producer who even achieved record revenues. “Everything was perfect, the organisation was professional, we will meet again in December!” said another farmer from the market. 

The customer base is constantly expanding, with more and more external customers visiting the market. This is also due to the fact that the organisers have presented the concept in several places, most recently, for example, Zalán Maró, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Agricultural Economics, participated in a round table discussion at the Planet Budapest 2023 conference on food supply and sustainability. 

Zalán Maró, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Agricultural Economics, also spoke about the Corvinus Farmers’ Market at the Planet Budapest 2023 conference. 

The producers also met several returning customers. Organisers believe that this is also important because networking and communication between producers and buyers has begun, which means that the market also has a community-building effect. “I got great questions from the students, which makes it worth doing,” said one producer, pointing out that raising awareness through discussions is one of the most important goals of farmers’ markets. 

The organisers have also introduced several improvements. The number of card payment options increased and feedback showed that meat products and processed bakery products such as pies and strudel were also available. The latter products were sold out before closing time, which is a lesson for producers on how much to bake next time. 

For those customers who bought in larger quantities, Corvinus canvas bags were distributed to make the market more sustainable in terms of packaging. In addition, bilingual price signs were displayed, making it easier for international students to find their way around. 

But the story doesn’t stop there, on 5 December, students and staff will be able to discover more new things at the next Farmers’ Market. And it goes without saying that some  producers will come back: “Thank you very much for inviting me, it was a great experience! Of course I will be there on 5 December!” said one producer. 

The market was organised by the staff of the Department of Agricultural Economics of the Institute of Sustainable Development, Gréta Maró, PhD student at Corvinus, Áron Török, Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Zalán Márk Maró, Assistant Lecturer at the Department.  

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