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New Databases Accessible under Collaboration between Corvinus University of Budapest and KRTK

2021-05-26 12:53:01

Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK)

We are pleased to inform the citizens of our University that, as a result of a collaboration between the Research Management Office and the Library, we have concluded a successful contract with the Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK), under which access has been granted to anonymised microdata managed by the KRTK Databank, for research purposes.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

As a result of the collaboration between Corvinus University and KRTK, we can have access to the following databases:

  • Admin2: Linked Public Administration Database 2. (Created by linking the OEP-ONYF-NAV-NMH-OH): 2003-2011
  • TSTAR (settlement-level statistics): 2000-2019
  • KIRSTAT (statistics on public education): 2001-2018
  • MTA-GEO (census district-level geo-location database): 2011 (2015)

Who to use the databases?

Researchers having employment relationships with BCE, and BCE students (if managed by a project manager who is a researcher having an employment relationship with BCE).

How to use the databases?

You can read a description of the contents of the Databases and the process of submitting a research plan by visiting the Library’s website. Documents received will be evaluated by a professional body of the University. In case of a positive decision, we will forward your research plan and your data requests (together with additional documents) to KRTK.

For more detailed information about the database, please visit

University’s Contact Person:
Krisztina Kőrösi

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