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Name the new campus of Corvinus and win a Wizz Air voucher!

2023-09-11 12:55:00

You have probably already heard that the new campus located on Ménesi Road will soon open its doors to the citizens of Corvinus. Since the new building is made for you, we would like you to name it.


What you need to know about the Campus 
The building referred to as Ménesi Campus is located at Ménesi út, 5. The campus is a symbol of the renewal of the university. One of the most important features of the building is innovation. It will be full of unusual, innovative solutions. You can carry out your research or tasks necessary for learning in a specially equipped data space. The campus also has a media studio, a simulation and physical modeling lab, and a dormitory. 
From the educational spaces to the cafeteria, the building was designed to encourage students and teachers to work and create together. An important goal of the campus is to encourage group work and common thinking. 
There will be many opportunities to play sports on campus. The garden also plays an important role. There is a park with a grove-tree design, evoking an arboretum atmosphere, which serves not only for relaxation and entertainment, but is also suitable for education. 
You can find more information, pictures and videos about the building here. 


What are we expecting? 
We are looking for a catchy name that describes the spirit of the building well, and also sounds good internationally, even for those who don’t speak Hungarian. 

If in your head the name looks good in huge letters at the entrance of the building, if you would like to refer to it as a meeting point and see it on the surface of the university, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with us! Any university citizen can apply: students, lecturers, university employees. 

Deadline: 17. September 2023. 


Click here to submit your idea. 
From the proposals received, the leaders of the university and the sustaining foundation will select the best ones, and the university citizens can vote on which one is the best. 
What can you win? 
If your name idea receives the most votes, you can win a Wizz Air voucher worth 200 euros. 

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