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Makerspace and internationally successful university startups

2024-06-23 09:12:00

One of the biggest community events of the Hungarian startup ecosystem had a stop at the Gellért Campus.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

On 11 June, Corvinus was one of the venues of the Startup Safari Budapest 2024. As always, the aim of the event was to connect the members of the startup community, to encourage innovation and support knowledge sharing. It was a special opportunity for networking and gaining experience.  

This year 13 thematic routes offered programmes at various venues, including Create 26, the Hungarian Innovation Agency, Loffice, and the Gellért Campus of the Corvinus University of Budapest. Corvinus had two programmes: From 3 pm, FabLab Budapest had a 3D modelling workshop in the experimental creative space of Corvinus Makerspace. They used the Shapr3D application, which was developed in Hungary and has redefined the CAD market. At this Startup Safari stop, participants could learn the basics of this globally successful CAD tool and the 3D printers at the workshop.  

This was followed by a roundtable talk at 5 pm in the Panorama Room (whit an amazing view over the city) with the title “University startups in the Danube region – Steady programmes instead of flings?”. The purpose of the discussion was for young entrepreneurs who started their careers at universities to share their experiences, initial challenges, successes, and temporary setbacks, and to evaluate the entrepreneurial incentive programmes currently offered by universities. The moderator was professor János Vecsenyi. 

APRENTLY (winner of the Danube Cup 2023 HU, awardee at the 2024 Újbuda Student Startup Competition, currently participating in STRT Launchpad programme) was represented by Kristóf Kovács-Szerján, BridgeAID (2nd place at the international Danube Cup 2024) by Ági Kenéz. The ROKSH (a former winner of Danube Cup that has long been successful on the market and is present in Hungary and in Austria) was represented by Máté Somogyi, and the KIKAPCS social enterprise and foundation (which also competed at the Danube Cup) by Viki Környei. 

The discussion was about their current situation and the challenges they have overcome. They discussed pivoting, surviving financially, coping with the workload, the importance of having a team and the challenges of internationalisation. All four entrepreneurs from Corvinus and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics definitely see their journey so far as a positive experience. They all feel optimistic about the future of their business.  

At the venues of Safari, startuppers and those intending to start a business had the opportunity to meet investors and financial experts in person. They could also learn about grant programmes, incubation programmes and international opportunities. Startup Safari Budapest 2024 was a great opportunity for making connections, finding inspiration and learning about the latest trends in the startup scene. Through the programmes at Corvinus, the University’s future innovation hub was also introduced to the Budapest startup ecosystem.  

We thank the Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association for their support in catering. The event was organised by Dr. Attila Petheő and Dr. Loretta Huszák of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

See you again in 2025!  

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