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Lecturers from the Department of Accounting and students went on a trip together

2023-07-18 10:40:00

The Department of Accounting at the Corvinus and the Luca Pacioli Society student association jointly organised a trip to Visegrád.

An old tradition was revived by the Department of Accounting and the Luca Pacioli Society. For the first time in several years, a joint excursion was organised for teachers and students, building the university community. This is how our student reported on the programme: 

“An unforgettable day was spent by the Accounting Department of the Corvinus University of Budapest and the Luca Pacioli Society on a jointly organised excursion to the fascinating Visegrad Castle. After several years, this special tradition was resumed, and we were pleased to see the active participation of both our students from the Bachelor of Finance and Accounting and the Master of Accounting programmes and the lecturers of the Department. 

They started by visiting the castle, where they did not let the weather dampen their enthusiasm, and all participants were determined to tackle the team tasks, even in the rain. Far from getting hungry during the trip, they had lunch in the Nagy Villám (Big Lightning) Restaurant. In addition to the delicious meals, they had fun and good conversations, and filled in an entertaining quiz. Although they had to cancel the bobsledding due to the rain, they were not discouraged; some spent their time playing board games in the restaurant, while others explored the magnificent view from the Zsitvay Lookout Tower. 

It was a pleasure to see that both lecturers and students enjoyed this excellent day!’ 

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