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Join the European Forum Alpbach 2022

2022-02-28 12:43:23

The European Forum Alpbach scholarship programme enables students, young professionals and changemakers to come to Alpbach and attend a unique programme consisting of scientific and artistic seminars, a high-level conference programme and a variety of social and cultural activities.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események


In addition to the common conference programme, scholarship holders get to attend the Alpbach Seminars which are the academic heart of the European Forum Alpbach. The seminars run for two weeks during the forum. They take place in the mornings and are characterized by a participative atmosphere, an interdisciplinary approach and intergenerational dialogue. Scholarship holders can choose two seminars, which they attend each for one week. The interplay of scientific, creative and skill-orientated seminars, together with the programme of panels, workshops and plenary debates in the afternoons transforms Alpbach into a place of innovative knowledge transfer and holistic learning. 

Duration of the scholarship: from 21 August until 2 September 2022. 

For further information please visit the scholarship’s website

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