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Intuitive decision-making and firm performance – Publication by Richárd Szántó

2022-10-24 10:52:10

The publication by Richárd Szántó was published in the Journal of Decision Systems.

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Abstract: Instead of a comprehensive analysis, company executives often listen to their intuitions or rely on their past experience; hence, intuition does play a critical role in management. In a sample of 234 Hungarian companies, we looked at the relationship between the decision-making approaches used and corporate performance and attitudes towards change. It turned out that decision-making based on past experience and intuitions are generally associated with better business results and better operational performance based on cost-effectiveness. In addition, we have seen evidence that companies that are more prepared for change and have greater capacity to manage change more effectively use an intuitive decision-making approach than those that are less responsive.

Dr. Szántó Richárd richard.szanto@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Oktatási rektorhelyettes – Oktatásmenedzsment
Alapképzésekért felelős dékán, egyetemi docens/Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor
E épület, 212
Phone: +36 1 482 5103 • Ext: 5103
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