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International students won the first national Corvinus Blog Post Competition

2022-01-31 08:47:53

The Department of Communication and Media Studies organized a national English language competition for university students to write essay-style blog posts. The winning papers answer the question: What do university students who study in Hungary think about the effects of technology and media on our daily lives?

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

The Institute of Communication and Sociology at Corvinus University of Budapest, in cooperation with the Department of Communication and Media Studies, has announced the Self, Screen, Success blog post competition for the fall semester of 2021. Participants were invited to submit a short, essay-style blog post in English on three topics: 

  • What does the labour market not know about my generation and use of technology? 
  • How does my smartphone affect my daily life? What does my smartphone not know about me? 
  • I am smarter than AI because… 

Hungarian and international students from Hungarian universities could participate in the competition. 

Winners of the competition are: 

1. João Antonio Guerra

2. Juan Carlos Soriano

3. Marine Berger

4. Farisha Hanis Binte Mohamed Noh

5. Maria Jeryes Elshayeb

The winners will receive a voucher and publication opportunities. The top three entries will be published on the Corvinus International Blog, and the top five will be published in a publication edited by the organisers, titled Self, Screen, Success. 

The organisers and jury members of the competition: Petra Aczél, Eszter Deli, Ágnes Veszelszki, Milson Veloso and Tünde Taxner. 

You can watch the award ceremony here. 

Congratulations to the winners and all participants! 

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