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International, Regional Recognition for American Corner Corvinus

2024-02-06 09:23:00

The effectiveness of the internship program operating within the framework of American Corner Corvinus has also been noticed in the Washington center of the American Spaces program.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The head of American Corner Corvinus, Ferenc Maurer, was invited to the American Spaces Central European Regional Conference in Kassa, to present the structure of the Study Abroad internship program for American students at Corvinus university as one of the best practices, and received recognition from Laura Kaspari Hohmann, American Spaces Program West and Central European regional coordinator.  

The American Corner educational, cultural and information center has been operating in Building S of the Campus since 2009 within the framework of the agreement of mutual understandings between the Embassy of the United States of America and the Corvinus University of Budapest. As part of this cooperation, every semester Hungarian and American students studying at our university have the opportunity to participate in a special internship program recognized by the US Department of State. 

The Internship is particularly popular among American students spending a semester at Corvinus University with the Study Abroad experience. In the last semester, almost half of the American students applied for the internship, and after the selection process, about a third of them completed it. 

In the fall semester of the 2023/24 academic year, 18 American students from 13 different universities received official certificates certifying successful completion from the head of the American Corner, Ferenc Maurer. Vivian Clarke arriving to Corvinus from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was honored with “Intern of the Semester” recognition for the outstanding quality of her presentations.   

During the nine-week internship period, the students, properly prepared in presentation techniques, held 62 different lectures for 2,126 Hungarian high school students, interactively presenting about the cultural and social values of the United States, and the American educational system, and at the same time outstandingly representing Corvinus University.  

Based on the feedback so far, the experience gained during the internship program and the Certificate serve as a valuable reference for students when applying for subsequent academic programs or various jobs. 

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