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Healthy body, healthy university years – sports opportunities at Corvinus

2024-01-25 13:03:00

As a student, you may find that you are reluctant to get on with the daily student tasks that have become part of your daily routine. Because, as incredible as it may sound, after a while learning can easily become boring and tiring. Fortunately, we can find a solution to the problem. One example is sport. In this article, we've put together a list of the opportunities available to Corvinus students who want to play sport.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Physical education classes 

The most obvious option is to exercise in PE classes. There is plenty of motivation to do so, as two semesters of it are compulsory in the bachelor study programmes‘s degree, and PEit can be taken as an elective subject inat the master study programmes‘s level. But to make sure it’s not just an obligation, the university offers a range of options, from which you are free to choose the one that suits you best. The range of 36 different sports includes, but is not limited to, Crossfit, TRX, various strength training sessions, self-defence training and team sports such as volleyball, basketball, football and floorball. Of course, even those who like to move solo will not be left behind, as there is also the opportunity to improve your tennis, ping-pong, swimming, kayak-kenu and chess skills. 

After completing the two compulsory semesters, it is also possible to take the physical education course, which is provided by the university for 5,000 HUF. Most of the courses are free of charge during the compulsory period, with a surcharge (14,000 HUF) to be paid at the time of registration for tennis. In the dance room in building C, you can learn the secrets of several dances (ballroom, salsa, bachata, folk), also in the physical education class. 


In the Kinizsi Street dormitory, 200 metres from Building C, you will find the university’s multi-room gym, where you can exercise with a range of machines and equipment. You can use the room on a voluntary basis (at your own expense), or as part of the physical education classes mentioned above. For opening hours and more details, please follow the link below. 

Közgáz Sports Club and Student Sports Circle 

If you play a sport competitively or would like to continue your former sporting career, it is definitely worth looking into the opportunities offered by the Közgáz Sports Club and Student Sports LeagueCircle. The Sports Club offers six competitive sports: water polo, dodgeball, futsal, basketball, volleyball and football. There are several inter-university tournaments, and there is an intra-university football tournament, too. 

Winter ski camps are available for winter sports enthusiasts, and if you are looking for a sporting partner, we recommend the following group. 

Gellért Campus 

The new building will also provide a new venue for sports, with a sports centre, climbing wall, gym and exercise studios, among other facilities. 

The interview with the university’s men’s volleyball team is available here, and the interview with the women’s volleyball team is available here. An interview was conducted with representatives of the water polo team as well. And if you want to know more about sport from the point of view of one of the headsexecutives of the Physical Education and Sport Centre, we recommend you listen to the conversation with Csaba Vladár. 

Source: Economist Online 

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