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Further training for teachers will be launched in the subject of sustainability – as a joint development of Corvinus and the Blue Planet Foundation

2022-09-26 10:51:45

This autumn will be the first time when teachers may apply for admission to the further training programme that prepares them for the complex application of the principle of sustainability. The part-time programme offered in correspondence delivery mode will start in February 2023, as a result of the joint efforts of Corvinus and the Blue Planet Foundation.
Corvinus, E épület

The programme of four semesters, with the help of the renowned lecturers of Corvinus, will prepare teachers for the teaching the subject of Sustainability (which will be a subject that can be selected for the maturity exam as of 2024) developed in the Green Project of the Blue Planet Foundation. The conditions of application are a degree of at least bachelor level in teaching and a practice of three years. 

“It is our responsibility to future generations to train teachers who are able to interpret and teach skills related to sustainability in a complex way, according to modern education principles. This knowledge that we continuously improve at Corvinus will become of basic importance in the shadow of climate change”, said Előd Takáts, Rector of the University.  

János Áder supported it as the President, and the Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation offered support to the Green Earth teaching programme package, the development of which was started by the Alapértékek Nonprofit Kft. three years ago. 

“The preparation for sustainability means continuous learning about the world, ourselves and cooperation. This complexity requires well-prepared teachers in the areas of sciences, social sciences and economics. People graduating from the specialised postgraduate programme of the Corvinus University of Budapest will be able to pass that on to future generations and to be our partners in the implementation of the objectives of the Green Earth programme package”, said Katalin Czippán, professional head of the programme and advisor of the Blue Planet Foundation.  

In the first two semesters, students will obtain general knowledge, for instance about public administration management, public finances, the teaching and educational institution and personality-forming based on individual characteristics. The third and fourth semesters are the periods of professional training in the narrow sense of the term, to develop students’ competencies in system dynamics, science, social science, economics and modern teaching methods. 

The training builds the learning process on projects, and lays big emphasis on the student-centred approach and on the partnership between the lecturer and the student. Students will learn how to set up the open-air and the classroom learning environment, integrate digital devices and solutions efficiently, how to use constructivist and collaborative learning principles, and how to give a customised evaluation that serves the development of the given person. 

Applications for the part-time further training study programme starting in February 2023 will be accepted from October this year. For applicants already having a certificate from a specialised further training programme, it is enough to complete semester 3 and 4 only. The 30-hour accredited further training that prepares students for the subject can be taken into account in the programme. More information is available at the website of the University here

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