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Five Corvinus researchers receive Bolyai scholarship

2023-06-20 14:34:00

The results of this year's MTA Bolyai János Research Fellowship have been published, with five Corvinus researchers among the 155 awardees.

The Bolyai János Research Fellowship was established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1997 “to encourage and recognise outstanding research and development achievements”, initially for young researchers under 40, and from 2002 onwards for researchers under 45. This year, 155 out of 834 applications received were funded, 40.5% of the applicants were women and 36% of the researchers funded. 

Five of the award winners are Corvinus researchers, this year they will receive a Bolyai fellowship from our University: 

  • Barna Bakó, Institute of Economics 
  • Péter Csóka, Institute of Finance 
  • Dóra Horváth, Institute of Strategy and Management 
  • Miklós Pálfia, Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems
  • Ágnes Szunomár, Institute of Global Studies 

Young researchers who submitted winning proposals in 2023 will be awarded the Bolyai Fellowship on Bolyai Day in September. For the full list of 2023 Bolyai János Research Fellowship winners, click here. 

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