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Finance Club 2024 – Alumni, faculty members and students unite

2024-04-22 08:23:00

On the 8th of April, professors, former and current teaching assistants (demonstrators) and students of the Institute of Finance came together on the rooftop of the new Gellért campus for an evening of insightful conversation during the Finance Club 2024.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The event served as a platform to share stories and experiences in the field of finance, as well as to reconnect with old friends, alumni and colleagues, and forge new connections. 

Dr. Tamásné Vőneki Zsuzsanna, Head of the Department of Macrofinance welcomed participants, and highlighted the role that Corvinus plays in training high-quality financial professionals not just for Hungary, but for Europe as a whole. Moreover, she underlined the importance of the Institute of Finance’s fruitful partnerships with leading international financial institutions in Budapest, which further contribute to the skills development in their programs.   

Serge Sych, Vice President for Stakeholder Engagement acknowledged the work and funding carried out by the Corvinus Corporate and Institutional Relations office, who were the co-organizers for this year’s event. He also shared how the university strengthens the relationship with alumni and creates a stronger sense of community.  

Throughout the evening, the Institute of Finance recognized the activities and projects carried out by former demonstrators, and organized a range of activities to foster conversation, knowledge-sharing and collaboration among participants.  

The event concluded with an informal gathering at Africafe Club Kinizsi, where alumni, professors, and students continued their conversations as they celebrated their journey. 

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