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Employer action taken as a result of an irregularity inquiry

2023-10-24 19:15:00

As reported earlier, the inspection of the process of admission to examinations, launched this summer by the university executive acting in matters of ethics at second instance, revealed a number of irregularities.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Once the ethics procedure was closed at second instance, the competent executive of the university opened an ex officio irregularity procedure to clarify the circumstances of the examination case investigated under the ethics procedure. A detailed account of the irregularities identified during the inquiry are detailed in this article.

In accordance with our rules of procedure, with respect to their employees, the persons exercising employer’s rights are notified on the relevant points of the resolution adopted as an outcome of the irregularity procedure.  It is the responsibility of such persons exercising employer’s rights to consider the various actions and if justified, take the necessary measures vis-à-vis the employees concerned. As a result, verbal and written warnings were issued, and employment was terminated for breach of employee’s duty committed during the procedure. 

To comply with data protection rules, the University cannot provide any further information about the employer’s actions, even if the employee or employees concerned disclose the details thereof.

After having concluded the irregularity procedure, having adopted employer’s measures and designed an action plan to remedy systemic problems, the University, for its part, considers the ethics case and the associated measures to be closed. 

The resolutions adopted during the ethics reviews were challenged by the whistleblower in court. The whistleblower’s claim was rejected by the court of first instance.

Protecting our community and supporting our goals is an integral part of our university’s values. We believe in an institution where we are respectful and supportive of each other, and where the development and reputation of Corvinus is a priority for everyone. 

The university’s management now wants to focus on progress and achieving its goals. Everyone who embraces the goals and values of Corvinus is responsible for the success of the university and the health of our community, which is why a comprehensive culture development programme will be launched in 2024 to ensure that conflicts like the one described do not occur again in the future.

We ask all staff members and students to respect the values of the university and to promote the unity and upliftment of our community.

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