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EMIS For Academics webinar series

2021-11-22 17:27:17

EMIS offers English-language webinar series for users in the Hungarian academic sector. The series consists of three one-hour-long webinars, with a different focus each time.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Agenda, schedule and registration are as follows:

  1. Industry analysis: how to find industry reports at country, region and global level, how the industry benchmark works, industry indicators in EMIS, filtering the news flow for industries
    22 November 2021, 4 PM CETRegistration
  2. Company analysis: how to find companies in EMIS and what information do we have, creating lists of companies, mass data extraction, company comparison by financials, M&A database
    29 November 2021, 4 PM CET – Registration
  3. Country analysis: how to find macro data in EMIS, country comparison and Excel download, country forecasts, how to find country risk reports
    6 December 2021, 4 PM CET – Registration

About EMIS: EMIS is the leading business information source for emerging economies, providing data and analysis at company, industry and country level, as well as an M&A database and international news flow. The sources of information are trusted research houses such as Frost & Sullivan, MarketLine, Euromonitor, The Economist, etc. EMIS is used by more than a hundred universities and thousands of companies worldwide, every day.

Learn more about EMIS here.

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