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Education development and research cooperation between Corvinus and MVM

2022-10-20 10:15:15

By combining the academic knowledge of Corvinus University and the business experience of MVM companies, the main goal of the two organisations is to raise the quality of education and research in Hungary, especially in the field of innovation and business development.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Corvinus University of Budapest and MVM Zrt. signed a cooperation agreement on 17 October in Budapest. On behalf of the university, Dr. Lajos Szabó, General Vice-Rector and Dr. Réka Vas, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, on behalf of MVM, Benedek Fluck, Deputy CEO for Human Resources and Services and Katalin Gál, CEO’s Government Advisor signed the document at Corvinus University.

“There are mutual benefits for both parties. On the one hand, in order to keep our training courses up-to-date and of high quality for our students, it is essential to integrate the latest domestic business experience, and in MVM we have found an excellent partner. On the other hand, I am convinced that the excellent educational and applied research opportunities provided by Corvinus will give MVM a competitive advantage in the market,” said Dr. Lajos Szabó, General Vice-Rector of Corvinus.

“We are proud to take our cooperation to a new level with Corvinus University, which is a national and international leader in terms of both its high quality education and its forward-looking research projects. The current agreement is an excellent basis for the MVM Group and Corvinus University to share economic and energy knowledge, research and development experience, in order to further develop the university’s training. At the same time, the cooperation also aims to make the MVM Group an important base for Corvinus graduate and post-graduate students.” – said Benedek Fluck, Deputy CEO for Human Resources and Services of MVM Zrt.

Thanks to the cooperation, the MVM Group provides professional support for the training courses of Corvinus University of Budapest: its employees participate in the development of teaching materials tailored to the needs of the company, provide expert support for the educational background, offer consultation services for the preparation of theses and TDK theses, share their professional experience with the university students as guest speakers, organise plant visits and offer internships.

Corvinus undertakes to cooperate in identifying the most suitable trainee candidates for the MVM Group, to contribute to the professional training of its staff, and to carry out research and methodological development on topics requested by the company. The university and MVM will seek to organise joint professional and training programmes and publish joint professional publications. MVM will also be given the opportunity to participate in events organised by the university’s student councils.

The agreement is for an indefinite period of time and the cooperation will focus on innovation and business development.

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