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Economic and social problems are being researched in Corvinus’ new research laboratory in Székesfehérvár

2021-04-14 13:16:22

The cameras rotate, the subject is actively watching the screen, just attending an online class

At Corvinus Székesfehérvár Campus, a versatile research laboratory awaits researchers, corporate partners and lecturers. Corvinus doctoral students and staff can use this versatile space free of charge, which is suitable for coaching, streaming events, conferences, economic and social science research and training.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The cameras rotate, the subject is actively watching the screen, just attending an online class. The color of the LED wall in the background changes every ten minutes, the reaction analysis software is running. The researcher watches with bated breath from behind the detective window, even though there is no need for it now – the data is actively analyzed by artificial intelligence. The question is simple: what color environment helps concentration the most while learning?

This fictional film scene could even take place in Székesfehérvár, as Corvinus’ new laboratory is perfectly suited for it. The Corvinus Social Innovation Lab is a research unit modeled on the university’s most modern Western European model, which has now been presented to a wider audience for the first time since its opening in 2019. The presentation was the first stop in a series of research support events by the Research Management Office.

What is the purpose of the lab?
The aim of the laboratory is to help the actors of the region with applied research, in cooperation with different sectors to increase the innovation potential in the region.

The lab has the ability to stand on its own two feet, either to generate resources for the university or for the researchers, faculty who use it. In areas such as industry 4.0, demography, or artificial intelligence, specific socio-economic problems can be translated into research questions and then empirical research using the lab. So far, qualitative and quantitative research has been carried out, consultations have been started in connection with trainings, and online study materials have been prepared there.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Székesfehérvár, the innovation center of the region

The Székesfehérvár Campus is the dual training center of Corvinus, which has belonged to the university since 2016, and the laboratory building became part of the Campus in 2019. “You can move very fast on the Campus here,” the rector’s commissioner said, stressing how much they expect all colleagues who would love to research there. In recent years, an innovation triangle has been established in Fehérvár, which is based on the cooperation of higher education, local government and economic actors, and therefore has many opportunities.

The goal of Székesfehérvár is to make the city a research and innovation center of regional significance, and the goal of the city management and the Prosperis Alba Research Center is the same as that of Corvinus. Deputy Mayor Attila Mészáros said that the presence of Corvinus is very important for the city, as it is important to keep young people, cultivate diverse industrial relations, and the infrastructure of the Campus has also developed a lot in recent years. The director of the Research Center, László Csanády, sees opportunities for cooperation with Corvinus researchers in several disciplines, as they also deal with issues related to futures research, demography, media research and future employees.

What research is the lab suitable for?

The lab is a complex community space with several rooms in Building B. The possibilities provided by the laboratory space were presented by Dr. Rita Ősz, laboratory manager, associate professor. “We are very open and flexible about bringing research here.”

This equipment can be useful in many areas of research: economic, sociological, communication, pedagogical and psychological research, among others. In connection with this, many different research methodologies can be implemented (e.g. DISCO LAB, SOCIOLAB, network research).

Available technical tools:

  • 4 PTZ cameras (suitable for face recognition)
  • stream system
  • green box (can be set up in 2 places)
  • lighting technology
  • 4 large monitors
  • 30 laptops
  • control room with detective window
  • interactive LED wall
  • Mobile chairs and tables for up to 40 people
  • fixed and mobile presentation desk
  • glass wall that can be used as a panel

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Qualitative and quantitative empirical research can be carried out in the laboratory. Cameras allow for small-group studies, such as modeling managerial decisions or measuring the reactions of different actors in economic life. Individual or focus group interviews can also be conducted. Because the furnishings of the room are flexible, factors influencing the learning process can also be modeled, for example, by changing the colors of the LED wall. It is also possible to carry out various psychological and economic experiments. Surveillance cameras also allow for control group examinations. The lab also has another room, a meeting room with a round table for 15 people. Thus, the conditions for deliberative, in-trial research are also given.

What other options does the lab offer?

Corvinusos instructors have a number of technical options for the duration of distance learning: online lessons, streamed lectures and the recording of teaching materials with professional video techniques. It is also possible to hold intensive weekly or block classes, as well as to organize conferences and press conferences related to the presentation of research results.

The laboratory is open to support the research activities of doctoral students, to support the activities and applications of young researchers. Workshops and PhD seminars can also be organized.

The lab also provides space for corporate collaborations. Suitable for coaching activities and corporate training, team building or even related research.

The lab show event can be viewed at this link or on YouTube. You can inquire about the laboratory and book a place at this e-mail address: szc.akademia@uni-corvinus.hu.

Video of the lab.

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