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Don’t miss the next Grand Hall Party!

2023-03-31 12:46:38

Students from and outside of Corvinus can once again party all night long at the next stop of our Grand Hall Parties series, the Spring Ball!

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Date: 20.04.2023. 21:30 

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, E Building, Hall 

The Spring Ball arrives on 20 April! Guests of the Grand Hall Parties can enjoy the unique mixes 

of sensational performers with a wide spectrum of musical styles. In addition to an amazing 

party experience, there will also be a variety of activities with valuable prizes. 

Don’t miss the Spring Ball, because there’s a gift already waiting for you on entry. When you 

redeem your ticket, you will also receive a Dorko coupon of 5000 HUF with your wristband, so 

you immediately get the price of your Grand Hall Parties ticket back, in the form of a voucher. 

The Spring Ball is going to be a blast, don’t miss the biggest party of your university years! 

Tickets are available at this link. 

For more information follow the Corvinus Student Union (HÖK) Facebook page and the Spring Ball’s Facebook event!  

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