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Data Visualisation Competition for University Students 

2023-03-20 16:00:37

The Institute of Data Analysis and Informatics of Corvinus, with the professional support of Bixpert Ltd., organizes a data visualization competition.

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Corvinus Ambassador

We are looking for the best correlations and their visualisation  

The Institute of Data Analysis and Informatics of the Corvinus University of Budapest, with the professional support of Bixpert Ltd organizes a Data Visualization Competition. Our main goal is to find talented people who are good at exploring the relationships behind data and presenting them in the form of convincing visualisations. This competition will give you the opportunity to put your knowledge of economics, IT and data analysis to good use and to develop your talents to the full.   

All-round support  

As an ambassador of MicroStrategy in Hungary, Bixpert is proud to support university programs in business intelligence and data analytics. We provide the industry’s leading analytics and data discovery tool for all startups in the form of MicroStrategy Workstation, and we offer over 20 years of experience in the form of workshops and lectures to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible.   

There are only winners here  

The competition is for everyone who wants to improve their skills in data analysis and visual data discovery. The grand prize is 100.000 HUF, but in addition to the valuable prizes, of course, entering this type of competition (not to mention if it was also successful) looks good on your CV or LinkedIn profile.   

The challenge  

Several data sets are available in the competition. Choose the one that provides the most relevant context for you, explore it, and then visualise the results in the form of a convincing visualisation/dashboard.  

The optional topics are:   

  • Board Games (BoardGameGeek)  
  • Top 250 movies (IMDb)  
  • Health spending (WHO)  

The datasets 

Board games (BoardGameGeek) 

Board games are enjoying a renaissance these days. BoardGameGeek’s database is a great way to delve into this world and unlock the secrets behind the data. 

Top 250 movies (IMDb) 

We love a good movie and we check the IMDb ratings a lot. We thought you might also like to analyse the top-rated films and we think this database will be a great way to do that. 

Health expenditure (WHO) 

This dataset contains health expenditure data from over 190 WHO member states, providing a wide range of indicators to analyse going back decades. Make the most of the available data, show trends, correlations and geographic analyses. 

Be creative! Add to the data sets as you see fit!  

Data sets and other related information will be available on Moodle for registered participants 

Professional assessment 

The submissions will be evaluated by an expert jury of Bixpert staff and academics and the best and most innovative submissions will be selected.  

The competition is open to all those who: 

  • are interested in data visualisation, or 
  • would like to try out a relevant MicroStrategy solution and challenge themselves in a competition. 

Important information 

The competition is open to individuals and teams of up to three. You can register/register for the competition by clicking on the link below

Deadline: 29 March 2023 (23:55) 

Submission (a file containing the dashboard created in MicroStrategy) will be done via Moodle for registered participants.  

Deadline: 3 May 2023 

We will not only provide you with the tool but also teach you how to use it. In order to prepare for the competition, we will organise a MicroStrategy presentation and workshop. The online training will be held on 5 April 2023 (Wednesday) from 15:00. Registered participants of the competition are invited to this event.  

The results will be announced on 19 May (Friday) at 10:00 at the Institute for Data Analysis and Informatics. 

Useful background material to help you prepare for and participate in the competition 

MicroStrategy Workstation software is available at the following link (after one registration). 

You can find out more about MicroStrategy by visiting the following links: 


We wish all of you enjoyable and successful competition! 

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