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Data Science Professional Day in the Data Space of Gellért Campus

2024-06-19 10:31:00

The first Data Science Professional Day was held by the Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems, Data Analytics Center and HCL Technologies Starschema.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

First-year Data Science in Business students cooperating with senior demonstrators and vocational college students competed in teams. The Game of Thrones gave the background story. The teams had to select one of the personas – influencer, spy, producer, dragon trainer, avid tourist – and help him/her to find the right place to stay. They had to align their solutions to the needs of the selected personas. The database built on real data provided opportunities to run simple queries by first-year students and build complex machine learning models by senior students.  

The jury evaluated not just the results but how they were presented and how the team worked together. The first prize was awarded to the Smurfs team (Dávid Dócs, Balázs Nagy, Bence Szabó, Márton Rátosi). Congratulations! 

We would like to express our thanks to the HCL Technologies Starschema Ltd team, Norbert Sepp, Berta Böjte, Márton, Sepp, Kristóf  Szenthelyi for holding the whole workshop.

Ildikó Borbásné Szabó és Zoltán Madari

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