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Danube Cup international collaboration

2021-12-16 14:31:37

Pitch competition for students in Vienna and an entrepreneurship conference in Budapest in 2022

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New, professional programs will strengthen the international collaboration of universities, the Danube Cup network, in 2022. On 28 April a conference, Entrepreneurship/Startup Education for Students”, will be organized by Corvinus University, and on 30-31 May the two-day final of the Danube Cup business creation competition for students will take place, organized by WU Vienna and the city of Vienna as part of the ViennaUP’22 festival. 

The Danube Cup network, i.e. WU Vienna, the University of Passau, OTH Regensburg (university of technology), the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Belgrade, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the Corvinus University of Budapest, discussed their plans for 2022 in late November. Member universities agreed that 

  • only early-stage teams that have received no external (non-university) funding will be allowed to enter the Danube Cup 2022 business creation competition for students; 
  • universities will share their 2021 experiences about the local preselection rounds where the universities selected 2 teams each, to help the other universities plan their 2022 preliminaries. In Hungary, the teams were selected in a public competition by BME and Corvinus. The 2022 preselection in Hungary will most probably be a part of the Startup Safari Budapest event; 
  • on 12 May 2022, the teams of 7 universities, 2 from each institute, will compete in an online semi-final. At the end of the day, one team will reach the final from each university, plus the winner of the audience award; 
  • the finals of the Danube Cup 2022 will be organised by WU Vienna, in cooperation with the city of Vienna, on 30-31 May 2022 as part of the ViennaUP’22 festival. The instructors and mentors of the competing teams are also welcome; 
  • to step up professional collaboration and increase the engagement of university instructors/researchers, the Danube Cup network is organising an international conference at the Corvinus University of Budapest on 28 April 2022, “Entrepreneurship/Startup Education for Students”. The aim is to reach out to other players in the ecosystem besides universities – to those providing startup mentoring/training and to emerging startups as well. 

About Danube Cup 

Danube Cup is an international startup competition for university students along the Danube, launched jointly by Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Today 7 universities from 4 countries are members of the network. Danube Cup was created to help start-ups founded by university students succeed internationally.   

Contact information:  

Email: info@danubecup.eu   

Website: https://www.danubecup.net/ 


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