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Corvinus team defends title at the Antal Ács Case Study Competition

2023-05-17 12:27:00

This year again, the Corvinus team won the case competition organised by the University of Debrecen.

A team of students from the Master programme in Management and Leadership of the Corvinus University of Budapest won first place in the III. Antal Ács Case Study Solving Competition. For the third year in a row, our university has been unbeatable in the competition organised by the Institute of Management and Organisational Sciences at the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Economics, where teams from Hungarian-speaking higher education institutions of economics compete. After the online competition of the previous two years, this year the competition was held for the first time in person, on the campus of the University of Debrecen, on 4-5 May 2023.  

Typical topics are mainly related to management, management-organisational challenges, organisational development issues and HR activities. Teams in the competition must solve real problems faced by local businesses. This year was no different: the focus was on the training development, strategic and HR issues of OpenEd Learning Zrt., an adult education company, in the light of the new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. The case was provided by the Off-Site Lifelong Learning Department of the faculty organising the event. 

This year, teams had a ten-hour time slot on the first day to work out their solution. A special feature of the competition was the so-called “Meet the Boss” session, where a team member could ask questions of the company’s managers to solve a problem, but in a way that the answers could be heard by delegates from other teams. Then, on the next day of the case solving, the teams presented their ideas and proposals to the jury in a 15-minute time frame. 

After the announcement of the results, the head of the company offered the winning team the opportunity to discuss further, to continue thinking together and even to participate in the implementation process. 

The members of the team of the Corvinus University of Budapest were Adél Hadházy, Luca Horváth, Gergely Keményfi and Levente Mikes, first-year students of the Master degree in Management and Leadership, the lecturer having prepared them being Balázs Felsmann, Associate Professor at the Department of Strategic Management. 

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