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Corvinus Research Seminars: The newest tool to support research

2021-05-25 12:24:06

The Corvinus Board of Trustees and management set the clear objective of improving the position of the University in international rankings

The Corvinus Board of Trustees and management set the clear objective of improving the position of the University in international rankings. To this end the number of high-quality international publications should be increased with improved global visibility. Research Management launched the Corvinus Research Seminar initiative in 2021 to support outstanding publication activity.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

One of the programme’s goals is to extend the research network of the University. Research Management seeks to encourage potential co-researchers and co-authors to work together in the hope of producing high-quality publications. We are confident that the Research Seminar events will promote the development and enhancement of direct inter-institutional relations and will result in subsequent research partnerships.

We also find it important for our colleagues to receive structured feedback on their research ideas and ongoing research activities. The research seminars make it possible for the Institutes to invite experts and guests who can share their knowledge and professional experience gained in an international environment.

The events can be organised involving the public so the results of the researchers and the Institutes can be directly disseminated to a wider academic audience and the whole society, which can contribute to a higher level of visibility for Corvinus University.

In 2021 Research Management will provide 1 million forints from the Faculty Development budget for every Institute to support the organisation of research seminars fitted to the research strategy of the specific unit. The utilisation/distribution of the amount will require joint decision made at institutional level.

To promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation the Institutions will have the opportunity to organise events collectively based on a joint executive decision by way of pooling the available budgets.

Before drawing the budget every Institute will have to submit a detailed application via Workflow, which will be evaluated by the Vice-Rector for Research. The Institute will be notified of the decision in 5 working days, and in case of a positive reply, also of the method of drawdown. If the application is rejected, the evaluator will make a proposal for reconsideration.

The Institutes will be fully responsible for organising the Research Seminars, including announcing and promoting the event across the University using its various communication channels, in addition to documentation and administration duties. The organising Institute will have to submit a professional report in English language to the Research Management Office within 30 days of the event.

In 2021 every Institute will be required to organise at least one research seminar with the possibility to organise multiple events from the specific budget. If the pandemic situation makes personal participation impossible the Research Seminar can take place also in the online space, in which case the international speakers may be entitled to a special fee. If an Institute fails to fully utilise the budget allocated for the specific year, the remaining balance will be lost.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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