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Corvinus offers six BSc Programs in English

2021-02-28 08:57:45

Get to know our BSc Programs!

Higher starting salaries, a springboard into the social and economic elite of the future, a solid foundation and specialized knowledge, international opportunities and student focus – this is what the renewed Corvinus University has to offer. Continue your study in one of our 6 basic courses to get an internationally recognized degree! To be mmber of Corvinus is like being part of a large, invisible community: it means lifelong friendships, usable relationship capital, up-to-date and internationally recognized knowledge, and all in a student-friendly environment.


Information from data, conclusion from information in the BA Program of Applied Economics

Students can learn economic data analysis methods in applied economics, but they also place great emphasis on practicality.
In economics, this means that the student can identify a problem and know which tool to use to solve it, said Eszter Szabó-Bakos, head of Applied Economics, in our previous interview when we asked about the 2020 renewal of the program.
After graduation, the student will hold a position in any field where logical thinking, data analysis, problem-solving skills, and quantitative skills are required. According to Corvinus’ website, “there are those who analyze cartel activities at the GVH ( Hungarian Competition Authoroty), there are those who provide investment advice at Raiffeisen Bank, there are those who work as journalists, insurance product developers, market analysts, project managers, real estate market experts, actuaries, risk managers and educational experts.

Five in one: Business Administration and Management (BA)

From 2021, the biggest change will affect the Basic Management and Management period, which was previously the most popular choice among Corvinus applicants. The degree will be transformed not only in its content but also conceptually, and will unite four areas that previously operated as independent professions in the future.
After the merger, the first four semesters will be about foundation, after which students will be able to choose from sixteen specializations, among which they will also find the areas mentioned earlier. According to Corvinus, students graduated here can be employed in any area of business, be it financial, marketing, HR tasks, whether in a consulting or project management role. Many are based in banks, insurance companies, technology and consulting firms, large multinationals, tourism and hospitality or agrobusiness, but many also start their own businesses. 

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Social Media and Communication Strategies in the BA Program of Communication and Media Science

Students can learn about successful communication strategies, media planning trends, social media planning and its challenges, and creative writing, among other things, in Communication and Media Studies. The training is practice-oriented, students can work on several projects, and successful journalists and PR managers also give regular lectures. The program can also be a good basis for starting your own business, in addition to media and corporate placement, in our previous interview Elisabeth Jurczyszak, the founder of Roomie, who graduated in Communication and Media Studies last year, spoke about this.

Students will learn, among other things, Strategic Communication, Media Economics, Visual and Virtual Communication, Data Journalism, as well as Digital Platforms and Genres and Crisis Communication. According to Corvinus’ website, “most students can find work in communication agencies, PR, strategic consulting organizations, event organizers and training companies, communication and press (main) departments, print, electronic and online media, and publishers within two months of graduation. 

Internship abroad in the program of International Business

In 2020, the International Business BA program was launched in a renewed form. The special feature of the training is that it starts exclusively in English as BA in International Business, and the internship can be completed by students during a compulsory foreign semester.
Students can complete subjects such as Cross-Cultural Management, Global Markets and Players, International Business Protocol & Negotiation Skills during their training, and post-graduate logistics, they can choose from foreign trade, marketing, finance or consulting positions in international or domestic multinational companies.

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Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in the International Relations undergraduate course

In International Studies, students can learn how to navigate rapidly changing international conditions, learn about the workings of international organizations, or the economic and political implications of a diplomatic decision. Graduates can find employment in the public sector, foreign affairs, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, any company with extensive international relations not only in Hungary, but also in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the Corvinus website. 

Immersion in Social Processes and Problems – Sociology BA Program

In the undergraduate degree in sociology, students can learn to see behind social problems. They will learn about the theories needed for understanding as well as research methods and the use of analytical software.

Like the best European universities, students study intensively in the field of sociology every six months (usually 5). The training focuses on small group and interactive seminar work and project assignments. During the six semesters, students will learn about Sociology: Issues and Approaches, Social Structure and Inequalities, Globalization and Social Change, Quantitative Research and Data Analysis, and participate in project assignments (field research, interview, and questionnaire research).

As a graduate, they can work as market statisticians, sociologists, and market and public opinion researchers in market research firms, research institutes, municipalities, NGOs, and corporations.

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