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Corvinus joins the Crowdhelix Network 

2023-01-09 14:22:34

The network connects a group of leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world.

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We are pleased to announce that Corvinus University of Budapest has joined the Crowdhelix Network – an Open Innovation network for research organisations and businesses seeking funding from the EU’s €95 billion ‘Horizon Europe’ programme. The network connects a group of leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world, so that together they can plan and deliver pioneering Horizon Europe projects. 

The network is powered by the Crowdhelix platform, a custom-built Open Innovation platform where collaborations centre on a number of topic-focused communities called ‘Helixes’ (e.g. Health Helix, Food Helix, Circular Plastics Helix). As a member of staff at Corvinus you have access to the platform where you can profile yourself and your expertise, post collaboration opportunities, and connect with other experts in your area. 

Other benefits of Crowdhelix membership include access to collaboration events organised by specific Helixes to help launch successful project consortia and networking events which aim to bring the members of the network together. The Crowdhelix team can also provide specialist help in obtaining funding and introduce you to potential partners for your project. 

To sign up to the Crowdhelix platform, please go to https://crowdhelix.com/signup  

On Tuesday, 17th January at 11 am CET Crowdhelix will be holding their next open webinar session. This session is for anyone that would like to drop in and receive training on using Crowdhelix. A bespoke webinar for Corvinus University of Budapest will be held during the Research Week on Monday, 23th January at 1:30 pm CET. More information about the Research Week programs will be available here

There is also a question-and-answer portion to these sessions. Please feel free to join any of these events. 

Melinda Pap in Research Management team is the institutional contact for Crowdhelix. You can get in touch with her with any questions about the network/platform at melinda.pap@uni-corvinus.hu

For more information about the Crowdhelix Network and how the platform works, please visit https://crowdhelix.com/ and watch this video

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