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Corvinus has become a partner of the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s (MOB) study programme for athletes

2023-11-30 15:05:00

On Wednesday, the Hungarian Olympic Committee signed a cooperation agreement with 23 higher education institutions on the organisation's dual career programme.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Twenty-two universities – including Corvinus University of Budapest – and one college signed an agreement on Wednesday on the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s (MOB) Dual Career Programme. The programme helps athletes to achieve their goals (whether it’s physical or mental support) and to avoid having to choose between sport and learning or sport and work. As part of this, elite athletes can continue their studies, even on an individual basis, in preparation for competitions or the Olympics. The signing ceremony was preceded by a conference. 

The Dual Career Programme, which was launched a few weeks ago, has so far attracted 86 applicants from 17 sports – mainly individual sports, but also water polo, handball and volleyball. At present, the MOB has 27 valid athlete agreements, 9 are in progress and 32 athletes have already been personally consulted. This shows that the programme is definitely a niche, and that there is a great need for it among elite athletes, many of whom currently prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics, so the Hungarian Olympic Committee, which also sees this kind of assistance as its mission, can help them on their way there. 

Higher education institutions cooperating with the MOB’s Dual Career Programme: Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest Business University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Debrecen, Edutus University, Eötvös József College, Eötvös Lóránd University, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Kodolányi János University, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungarian University of Sport Sciences, University of Miskolc, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, National University of Public Service, John von Neumann University, University of Nyíregyháza, University of Óbuda, University of Pannonia, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, University of Pécs, Semmelweis University and the University of Sopron.  

Source: olimpia.hu, photos: MOB-Media/Péter Szalmás 

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