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Corvinus Green: almost half of the employees have joined the ousting of plastic bottles

2022-11-03 11:46:55

Heads of organisational units that have not joined the programme yet can still indicate their intention to participate.

23 organisational units, i.e. 49.8 per cent of the employees have already joined the project aimed at eliminating plastic bottles. In parallel with that, water-purifying devices are already available in the kitchens of organisational units and at several points of the buildings, allowing us to get good quality drinking water instead of buying bottled water.

Approximately fifty thousand bottles end up as plastic waste every year at the Corvinus, only because of the plastic water bottles. The University would like to reduce this number by installing water purifiers in the buildings. With this measure, the University expects to reduce the generated waste by 1500 kg, which would mean a saving of one million HUF, too. This and the involvement of the community was discussed by Ákos Domahidi, Chancellor in an earlier interview.

Organisational units joining the Corvinus Green programme may volunteer not to order water in bottles and containers, neither plastic cups, and in exchange, the University provides glasses and jars in adequate quantity. The head of the organisational unit may still indicate this intention with the questionnaire received.

We thank the joining organisational units for their commitment!

The employees have also been asked to comment on the sustainability of the Corvinus. In the questionnaire related to the Corvinus Green project, respondents shared various ideas, such as reducing the volume of printing, more colourful biodiversity in the campus, selective waste collection, and optimising the efficiency of the water, electricity and air-conditioning technology. The Corvinus wishes to gradually incorporate these ideas in its operation, and the installation of the perlators was also part of this initiative.

The Corvinus University of Budapest is committed to support community sustainability activities and sustainable operation, as we need joint action to achieve significant changes.

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