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Corvinus Covid Handbook

2020-09-30 13:28:36

Everything you need to know about the protective measures of Corvinus against coronavirus

How to wear the mask correctly? With what symptoms should you consult a doctor? What exactly does hybrid education mean and how does it affect each course? What measures apply to foreign students and how does the epidemic situation affect the daily lives of students in dormitories? From preventive measures to specific rules on university citizenship, we have collected all the information about COVID in one handbook.

The rules for controlling the epidemic have changed frequently in recent weeks, and hybrid education has also created a new situation compared to the usual classroom-only education of the past. In this handbook of the recommendations and rules of Corvinus against COVID, we have tried to collect all the important information in a clear to way ensure nobody gets lost in the sea of information.

From the contents of the handbook:

  • Entry requirements and regulations for the premises of the university
  • Regulations for dormitory premises
  • If you have interacted or been in contact with an infected or potentially infected person
  • Obligations of students returning and arriving from abroad

The handbook is available HERE

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