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Corvinus consults directly with professional bodies on the new legal and financial framework for Erasmus and Horizon

2023-01-10 10:53:22

We have started discussions on the legal interpretation of the new rules for EU funding. According to government information, this year's Erasmus exchange programmes can continue undisturbed. We will inform the university community as soon as we have further details.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

According to information published recently in the press, educational institutions in Hungary that run or maintained by public interest asset management foundations will not receive fresh funding as part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ cooperation and educational exchange programme and Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

Corvinus University of Budapest has been informed of the European Commission’s decision on both the Horizon and Erasmus programmes and has contacted the relevant professional bodies. With regard to Horizon, which is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation, the University is in contact with the Horizon Europe National Contact Point Network within the National Research, Development and Innovation Office to clarify what the decision means for Corvinus.

Commenting on the EU decision on the Erasmus programme, the responsible ministry said: „Ongoing exchange programmes and those to be announced this year for higher education students and teachers are not affected by the EC decision taken late last year. The financial framework for this is in place, so students will not be disadvantaged in any way.” Read the full statement here.
(Read the summary of the statement in English here)

We will inform the university community as soon as we have further details. The University is not able to provide any further information at this stage.

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