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Corvinus and Procter & Gamble have entered into a strategic agreement

2024-03-04 16:36:00

Thanks to a recent partnership between the international consumer goods company Procter & Gamble and Corvinus University of Budapest, Corvinus students will also be able to attend special marketing courses and guest lectures by senior executives.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The one-year cooperation agreement was signed by Anthony Radev, President of Corvinus University of Budapest, and Lajos Szabó, Acting Rector, on behalf of Corvinus University of Budapest, and by Gábor Berkó and Kristína Pasztoroková, Managing Directors, on behalf of Procter & Gamble, on 26 February in the main Corvinus building. 

As part of the agreement, an elective course on trade marketing will be launched at Corvinus in the autumn semester for master students, and senior managers from Procter & Gamble will also give guest lectures in marketing, finance and management. As part of the cooperation, the large corporation will also participate in the Corvinus Career Expo. 

“Corvinus can offer exemplaryuniversity programmes in business to students if it builds a vibrant network of corporate relationships where the achievements of both academia and the business sphere are clearly visible and beneficial for both parties. We are confident that through the established cooperation, Procter & Gamble Hungary, as a significant corporation, will play an important role in the Corvinus ecosystem,” said Anthony Radev, the President of Corvinus, regarding the agreement.   

“Corvinus aims to become a proactive knowledge institution that maintains constant and fruitful relationships with a wide range of economic and social stakeholders. It aims to become a university that provides a suitable home for continuously evolving university education, capable of embracing new content and methodological innovations and generating them itself. We conclude our strategic agreements with our partners in this spirit” – said Lajos Szabó, Acting Rector of Corvinus. 

“In its 187 years of existence, our company has become one of the largest FMCG companies in the world thanks to its employees. We believe that P&G is not just a manufacturing company but a huge community. It’s about our employees working on tasks that matter – impacting the world, P&G brands, and their own careers, reaching nearly 5 billion consumers worldwide. We consider it important to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. Therefore, our agreements with educational institutions are of utmost importance as we help students with practical knowledge sharing, providing them the opportunity to learn the secrets behind building billion-dollar brands. They can discover career paths they never thought of. They can familiarize themselves with breakthrough innovations and work processes that intertwine with everyday life, where new ideas take flight,” added Kristina Pásztoroková, the Managing Director of Procter & Gamble Hungary. 

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