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Capture the first spring at the Gellért Campus! Photo contest with valuable prizes

2024-05-03 13:29:00

The University is launching a photo competition for all university citizens entitled First Spring on the Gellért Campus. Submit your photo and win a Sziget ticket!
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Since February, university citizens have been able to discover and explore the Gellért Campus. Now we want to know how you see the building. Take a picture of the Campus with any tool, the picture can be taken inside or outside the building and you can use any editing tool. It can be a close-up detail that caught your eye or even a landscape. An important criterion is that no person is recognisably in the picture.   


  1. Place: Sziget daily ticket 
  2. 15.000 HUF jegy.hu voucher 
  3. Gellért Campus merchendise gifts 

Deadline: 24 May 

The submitted photos will be scored anonymously by the Corvinus Communications staff. A gallery of the submitted images will be published on the University’s website and social media platforms, and you will be able to see the images in future University communications. 




We wish you a successful application! 


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