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Call for Paper – 4th International PhD Conference of the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science

2022-10-17 18:17:08

The Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science of Corvinus University of Budapest is pleased to announce a call for paper for its 4th International PhD Conference.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Theme of the event: Crises 

The two decades of the 21st century have confronted the world with a number of very serious challenges: the 2009 global economic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic that started in 2019/20, and the Russian-Ukrainian war, launched by the Russian Federation on 24th February 2022, caused profound changes in almost every field of our lives. 

These crises have shaken global economy and social peace profoundly, have challenged international law and order, while other crises, such as environment pollution and global warming, migration and the growing incalculability of political decision-making processes in various countries have not abated. Crises do not only have an impact on global economic processes, they increase social problems and put new burdens on the lives of countless people. There are signs of hope, however, as many leaders and ordinary people think that crises are ample occasions to initiate reforms, elaborate more sustainable and reliable solutions to problems, enhance cooperation between countries, and build new forms of consensus. A case in point may be that Europe may rapidly turn towards a more sustainable energy-mix with an entirely new network of energy supply and distribution among EU members. We invite doctoral students to offer fresh insights into the causes and effects of these crises. Possible topics include 

  • Connections and consequences of the topic of crises and sustainability in a broad sense 
  • Relationships between crises and global economic processes 
  • Crises and the geopolitical world order 
  • Security policy consequences of crises, especially in Europe 
  • The impact of crises on elections and political systems 
  • Political leadership through crises 

Applicants can register and upload their abstract here.  


  • Abstract submission deadline: 15th November 2022  
  • Decision about the acceptance: 30th November  
  • Paper submission: optional. Those who submit their papers no later than a week before the conference, will be assigned a discussant. Otherwise, feedback is restricted to ad hoc discussion remarks.  
  • Date of the conference: 20th January 2023  

Location: online 

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