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Bruno van Pottelsberghe: Bolder, fine-tuned strategy and international networking needed

2024-05-06 12:30:00

"I want to work according to the principle of servant leadership, which is about making colleagues happier and more satisfied at work. The Corvinus strategy is on the right track, but could be bolder and more ambitious; like all strategies, it needs fine-tuning", said the rectoral candidate at the introductory forum on 30 April at Corvinus, where he presented his professional plans in person and answered questions from Corvinus citizens.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

At the Rectoral Candidate Forum, which was attended by two hundred and fifty lecturers, staff members and students, Bruno van Pottelsberghe was welcomed by Ágnes Zsóka, Vice-Rector for Academic Development and Chair of the Ad Hoc Senate Committee preparing the Senate’s opinion on the application for rectorship. He said that for him, the narrative in Corvinus’ strategy is not clear enough: it does not explain why it is worth coming to Corvinus for an international student or researcher. As the university is called Corvinus, it could be inspired by the profile and achievements of King Matthias Corvinus. He believes that the direction of the strategy is good, but it could be bolder and more ambitious; it needs fine-tuning, as all strategies do. He stressed that the implementation of the strategy is more important than the strategy itself. 

He believes that the ultimate goal of a university is to attract talent, and that new communication and new channels are needed to convince talented international teenagers. He considers the reputation of the university in the country to be its strength. He said that when designing educational programmes, it is important to be aware of the wishes of the talents the university will train and upskill. 

Regarding internationalisation, he said that it is worth partnering with universities that represent at least as high standards as the ambitions of Corvinus. The development of double degree programmes, including in bachelor education, and participation in top university networks, including the the European University Alliances and the QTEM network he founded, are good tools for this. Bruno van Pottelsberghe then spent a few minutes describing his own life, having lived in several countries and having gained experience both inside and outside academy. If appointed, Bruno van Pottelsberghe would like to spend his first 100 days getting to know the Corvinus staff – not just the managers, but everyone, both in the academic and administrative areas – in order to understand the institution. He said that the secret to effective implementation of the strategy is team building, with motivated, competent and creative members. He concluded by stating that his credo is servant leadership, where leaders are responsible for providing a free and fulfilling environment for colleagues to explore, teach, learn and work. 

In the question and answer session of the forum, the rectoral candidate answered both questions received in advance and asked on the spot. 

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