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Specialist postgraduate programmes 

2022-02-28 09:36:00

Apply now to our specialist postgraduate programmes! 

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

In this year, early applicants may study with a discount.

Our students may extend their present knowledge, obtain up-to-date knowledge and special skills for their current work, and may build useful professional relations.   

If you apply until 15 July, you may get a discount as high as 10% Early Bird discount* for the whole period of the programme! 


The Corvinus specialist postgraduate programmes can be completed even in parallel with work or if you have a small child, as the lessons are organised occasionally, after working hours on weekdays or on Fridays and Saturdays. The lessons are held in small groups, provide practical knowledge, as they build on the student’s current work and existing knowledge.    

The specialist postgraduate programme is based on higher education qualification and professional qualification. You may apply if you have a bachelor or a master degree, or a diploma proving qualifications earned at university or college. Students completing the specialist postgraduate programme will get a certificate in their special professional area.   

The deadlines for application to individual study programmes and the detailed description of the programmes can be found here.    

Features and advantages of the specialist postgraduate programmes:   

  • they are built on an already existing degree, and offer deeper professional skills   
  • they are adjusted to the requirements of the economic sector   
  • they react to the quick changes on the labour market   
  • they provide practical skills   

Deadline for application to the programme: 31 August  

Current programmes:  

*The discount is not available for the MBA programmes.  

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