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Application for Demonstrators 

2023-01-11 13:16:32

The deadline for applications is 27 January at 12 pm.

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Corvinus Ambassador

Application for teaching assistant position can be submitted for the provision of activities beyond the curriculum requirements. Calls are announced by the Vice-Rector for General Affairs. Applications can be submitted to a maximum of two organisational units per application period, and for one demonstrator position per institute. 

If you apply to one institute, you can apply for up to two demonstrator positions. A student may only be assigned to one demonstratorship at one institute at a time. The demonstrator will be awarded an employment contract, once the positive decision in the matter of the demonstrator’s application becomes final. 

Who may apply and what is the process of applying? 

Students taking part in a bachelor programme, a two-cycle or single cycle master programme may submit an application if they meet the conditions set out in paragraph (3) in the Regulation on Demonstrators. 

Applications may be submitted electronically via the Neptun Study and Registration System. In the menu item “Administration”, please select the sub-menu item “Application Forms” to find the Application for Demonstrators among application forms to be completed. 

The call for applications and the necessary attachments are available here

You can read the new Regulation on Demonstrators in the following page

The application can be submitted in the following period: 13th of January 2023 10:00 – 27th of January 2023 12:00 


• Academic Management 
• E-mail address: szilvia.nagy@uni-corvinus.hu 

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