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American universities also teach from a Corvinus journal

2023-09-18 13:21:00

The latest issue of Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy will soon be published with papers in sociology and social policy from various parts of the world. We talked to Márton Medgyesi, Editor-in-Chief, about the history of Corvinus' sociological journal, which has been published regularly since 2010, and its plans for the near future.

When Professor György Lengyel founded the English-language journal of sociology and social policy at Corvinus in 2010, his primary goal was to connect Hungarian researchers and doctoral students to the international academic community. Since then, several other English-language scholarly journals have cropped up in Hungary, but fourteen years ago it was still a novelty in Hungarian academic life that a journal founded at a Hungarian university was published exclusively in English. But later, as the years went by, the justification for this initial decision became more and more apparent: 

“The author base of the Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy has become increasingly international since its inception fourteen years ago. The forthcoming issue, for example, will include papers by Western European authors, as well as publications by researchers from Asian and African countries,” says Márton Medgyesi, editor-in-chief. 

The international profile is also reflected in the editorial board of the journal, with Hungarian experts and several foreign researchers participating in the editorial work. The Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy is published twice a year, each issue featuring ten to fifteen papers,  

The editor-in-chief describes the profile of the journal thus: “The editorial board receives papers on a wide variety of topics, but just as the university’s sociology teaching has a strong economic sociology focus and empirical trend, so too do the articles we publish include a greater number of papers on economic sociology”. 

Submitted papers are assessed in a double-blind peer review system, meaning that the external reviewers receive the papers anonymously and the author of the paper does not know who has assessed his/her work. According to Márton Medgyesi, in recent years they have also tried to involve as many international experts as possible in the reviewing process.  

The Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy is an open-access journal and publishing is free of charge for the authors. From early on, the editors have intended to ensure that the scientific results published in the journal are accessible to all: “recently, we were approached by an American university to use one of our studies for educational purposes. Fortunately, by making the journal’s articles freely available, we are becoming known to the socio-scientific profession in more and more parts of the world”. 

From the very beginning, the journal’s mission has been to serve as a springboard for young Hungarian social scientists to enter the international academic world. For this reason, if a doctoral student from Corvinus or another Hungarian university submits a paper to the journal, it will be evaluated with special attention and guidance for mentoring purposes.  

The articles of the currently Q3-rated journal can be found in the large international journal databases Scopus and Scimago. Márton Medgyesi considers even more intensive integration into the international scientific bloodstream to be the most important goal for the coming years, and he would like to see the citation rates of the articles published in the journal continue to increase: “Compared to major international competitors, the Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy can be considered as an adolescent at the moment, we still have room for improvement, but in recent years we have already started to be visible in the international professional community, and we are making good progress on this path”, he added.  

The new issue of Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy will soon be available here.  

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