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A reporter from the Index news site toured the Gellért Campus

2024-04-16 10:25:00

Tibor Misovicz, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation maintaining Corvinus and Márton Barta, Head of Strategy, assisted the reporter on the tour.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Today, readers of one of the most read Hungarian portals had the chance to discover the latest pride of Corvinus, the Gellért Campus. The detailed report highlights the building’s sustainability, community design, openness and transparency – both in the concrete and figurative sense. Seven thoughts from the article: 


  • “The classrooms are designed to steadily reflect the ethos of the university, which is the partnership of lecturers and students” (Márton Barta) 
  • “We believe in moving students out of their comfort zones.” (Márton Barta)- 
  • “…it was immediately noticeable that instead of walls, there were windows from floor to ceiling. As a result, students and lecturers have a 360-degree view of nature, for the building is surrounded by a beautiful green environment” (author of the article) 
  • The car park can only accommodate roughly two dozen cars, but can store up to 170 bicycles. And that is intentional: “This is how we want to get our students into sustainable transport.” (Tibor Misovicz) 
  • “The aim here was really very high quality.” (Tibor Misovicz) 
  • “The first thing that struck me here was that there are no traditional, narrow, dark university spaces. There are more places where we can work on projects.” (Tamás Mátyás-Péter master student) 
  • “Fresh Corner is located in the building, although many have described it as emitting a ‘petrol station atmosphere’, it is the last thing that occurs to me and students when walking around the campus. Instead, everyone is happy that proper standards are being maintained.” (author of the article) 

The translation of the full interview can be found here. 

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