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A (perceived) impassable gap? – Building a bridge between the university and the business and public administration world

2024-03-04 11:08:00

Corvinus researchers are participating in a research project funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The colleagues of the Department of Marketing and Design Communication of our University, Dora Horváth, Tamas Csordás and Eva Markos-Kujbus are participating in the project “Developing Cooperation between Academia and Society through Knowledge and Capacity Building”, funded by the International Visegrad Fund, which aims to build and strengthen the relationship between academia and (local) business and public authorities.  

To this end, the project will not only explore current interfaces and forms of engagement with individual partners, but also explore future opportunities. The project is led by the Prague University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Management, in cooperation with four universities. 

Further details can be found at: https://rac.fm.vse.cz/seznam-projektu/developing-cooperation-between-academia-and-society-through-knowledge-and-capacity-building/ 

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