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A gender revolution? The obstacle course for women’s leadership

2024-06-17 15:49:00

A new book has been published by Beáta Nagy on the gender regime, women's chances of becoming leaders and its pitfalls, and the difficulties of reconciling work and private life.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Women’s increasing skills, employment and management positions have brought so many global changes that we can talk of a gender revolution. The position of women has changed, while the life of men has transformed much less, so that gender equality has been half achieved. The revolution has stalled, it has remained incomplete and, as the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics laureate Claudia Goldin put it, it has been a silent revolution 

The book builds on the concept of the gender regime to look at the position of women in different dimensions of social relations, with a particular focus on their positions in economic leadership. Going beyond the Hungarian world, it also gives examples from Japan and Poland of women leaders whose lives are marked by a combination of self-fulfilment, the promise of equal careers and a patriarchal system that restrains women leaders and burdens them unequally with reproductive tasks. 

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