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Greetings from Tamara Keszey

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

Dear Colleagues,  

It is often stated that excellent research colleagues are the basis of strong university-level research culture. Corvinus University both reward and further foster research excellence.  

On Apil 8th, the Corvinus Research Excellence (Corvinus Kutatási Kiválóság – CKK) Awards were presented. Altogether, 69 lecturer-researchers, doctoral students and master’s students were recognised with a total amount of the awards exceeding 94 million Ft.  

Congratulations to all award winners on their research performance!  

Research Management of Corvinus also lays great emphasis on training and workshops organized for researchers. A group of lecturer-researchers and PhD students have recently completed the first ‘Finishing Your Paper’ Writing Camp organised at Corvinus with the intention of reading the participants’ papers in prestigious international journals by the end of the year.  

This spring Horizon Europe Centre of Corvinus University provide four Horizon Europe thematic interactive trainings and information sessions for researchers with the involvement of the experts of the NKFIH National Contact Point. The details of the trainings are available in the Newsletter under the Research Management Office News section.  

Let me draw your attention to the great variety of calls for applications which are listed in the March Research Newsletter. PhD students, mid-career and senior researchers will also find both international and domestic calls.   

Best regards, 

Tamara Keszey 

Vice-Rector for Research 

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