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Publishing in Premier Journals & Developing 7 Types of Literature Reviews

Summer Crash Seminar on Publishing in Premier Journals Dos and Dont’s and Developing 7 Types of Systematic Literature Reviews by Professor Justin Paul.
2022.06.17. 11:00
1093. Budapest, Corvinus University Building C Auditorium IX.
Information: julianna.faludi@uni-corvinus.hu
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Prof. Justin Paul is known worldwide for his classic, widely cited systematic literature reviews – he introduced the SPR-4-SLR, TCCM, ADO frameworks – and set protocol setting articles, which include the following three: 


11.00–12.15. Publishing in Premier High-Impact Academic Journals- DOs & Dont’s 

12.30–13.45. Developing 7 types of systematic literature reviews 

Participation is free of charge but registration is required

More information 

Prof. Justin Paul is a Professor of University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, USA & Visiting Professor at the University of Reading Henley Business School and 

Distinguished Scholar- IIM, Kerala  

Website: www.drjustinpaul.com  

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