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Have a coffee with us for the last time in the Science Shop!

Last coffee in the Science Shop, saying goodbye to E27 and getting ready for new spaces (and roles).
2024.04.30. 12:30
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date and location: 30 April 2024, Tuesday, 12.30-14.00, E27 

The Science Shop invites colleagues from the faculty and support are to an informal chat: over tea and coffee, they bid farewell to E27, their former office. They are moving to a new location in May, so the discussion is about how to take the “spirit of the place” with them. What makes the new office a “science shop”? And even though it will no longer be at the entrance, how will it be easily accessible both physically and in spirit? They are eager to prepare with colleagues for their new spaces and roles. What makes your collaborations a partnership? How does the science shop office serve this? 

You can drop in and leave at any time for a Science Shop coffee, chat or listen to talks, get to know each other and the science shop. Coffee is brewed from 12.30. 

You can find the LinkedIn event of the event here.   

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