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Critical Discourse Analysis Workshop during the Research Week

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Dr Anita Szűcs associate professor participated the Critical Discourse Analysis research workshop at the ECPR Winter School and will share the specific research method with Corvinus Faculty members in June.  

Corvinus Épület

The Critical Discourse Analysis course organized by the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) offered a comprehensive introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) – and its central, Discourse-Historical Approach – as the key critical, qualitative approaches to analysing discourse within and beyond the field of contemporary politics. The course highlighted how deploying CDA/DHA can help to critically and systematically analyse and deconstruct discursive dynamics and the recontextualisation of discursive strategies in traditional and online (including social) media and across other modes of political, policy and institutional communication. The workshop was given by Michal Krzyzanowski from Uppsala University, who, together with his colleagues (Wodak and the Vienna School), is one of the founders of the method.  

During the June Research Week organised by Corvinus University, Dr Szűcs will hold a workshop and present the Critical Discourse Analysis method she has learned to her colleagues. The program list of the June Research Week will be available here soon.  

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