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30-day Trial access to SRM Business and Management

SAGE Publisher opens its Business and Management collection.

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The SRM database, including methodological support for research, is available at the Corvinus Library. Current subscription is limited to general research methods containing mainly books and reference materials. In the frame of the trial the Publisher opens its special Business and Management collection for 30 days, starting from 6 November.

In the collection both qualitative and quantitative methods are covered, including psychological methods used to analyze consumer behavior. Master methods, such as triangulation, how-to guides, video tutorials and case studies of real projects are also offered in the database.

Trial period: 6 November – 6 December, 2023

Available: through Sage Research Method database.

More content information can be found under Databases/Trials in the Library’s homepage.

Take the opportunity to test it. We are happy to get a feedback.

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