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Why us?

„If you think presentations cannot enchantpeople, then you have never seen a really good one.” – Guy Kawasaki

Our value proposition:

Are you tired of monotonic, boringpresentations? Would you like to be part of the 1%, who knows how to deliver amemorable performance? If the answer is yes, then You are in the right place,as We can provide the means to achieve your goal! Step out of your comfort zoneand be part of the endless achievements and joys of our close-knit family, ashere at NUP you will never experience boredom again! Hence, not only yourteachers but also your fellows will be amazed by your presentations, even ifyour topic is the Policy and Interests of the USA in Euratom.

What it actually means?

You can learn from the ground up, which makes apresentation awesome, and how to form a structure, add turbo elements to andpresent it. Throughout your NUP carrier, you can acquire all the little detailsto deliver presentations of which everyone will remember. Besides learning andteaching presentation techniques, NUP offers a wide variety of organizationsupportive activities, such as HR and Marketing, which simulate the operationof a corporation. Furthermore, you can participate in numerous projects, suchas, but not limited to organizational development. Additionally, of course, weprovide a plethora of unforgettable events, such as team-buildings, camps, andinformal meetings.

“The only difference between the failureof a great idea and the success of a mediocre idea was the way in which the idea was communicated.” –Nancy Duarte

Our value proposition:

The roleof presentation skills has increased in today’s business world. The emphasis onlexical knowledge has shifted to the so-called “packaging” ofinformation, as information is available today with a single click of the mouse.How could students be unique, what could prepare them for a great adventureafter leaving university? They will encounter situations in their workplace day-to-day,where they will have to give presentations or the results of the company incircumstances outside their comfort zone.

On the other hand, presentation technology isnot just about perfecting the presentation, it’s much more complex. To involvepresentation performance enhancing tricks, which cannot be acquired by practiceonly, we also need to understand the theoretical background in a targeted way.

Our portfolio includes thefollowing:

  • Practical training or trainings whereyou can learn everything from the structure of the presentation, through the right slides till the right way ofpresenting it. Our training is always tailoredto the order.
  • Coaching of teams, preparing themfor a specific event, lecture.

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